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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 23, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking for our viewers out west, justin bieber arrested in plooim. police pulled him over for speeding. he failed a sobriety test. he is now in custody for drag racing and a dui. we'll have the very latest. also breaking in arizona, a greyhound bush crash. authorities saying one of the passengers yelling he would flip the bus while punching the driver. new details coming in now. abc news exclusive. the tragic shooting at a florida movie theater over texting that ended with this man's death. now his wife, there right beside him, speaking outs for first time live on "gma". and 21st century cupid. the whiz kid who cracked the code to true love, 88 dates to his dream girl.
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now he reveals how he did it. can he figure out how everyone can find the perfect match? and good morning, america. we have new details coming in right now on that justin bieber story. as we said, arrested overnight in miami beach. drag racing. police say he failed a sobriety test. abc's is in front of miami beach police station at the latest. matt? >> good morning, george. just moments ago, justin bieber was transferred out of here, the miami beach police station to a county facility where he hopes to get bonded out. just a few minutes ago, we spoke to the police chief here who said that bieber was apparently belligerent to police officers when they first arrested him. they actually watched him drag racing with another car, ferrari and a lamborghini. when they pulled him over, they
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said he smelled strongly of alcohol. he then resisted aarrest. he was not cooperative. ultimately he admitted to having beer, pot and prescription drugs in his system. this is justin bieber being pulled over by police early this morning. a new video obtained by tm zrrks. he was pulled over for drag racing. when police stopped him, they realized his license had expired and bieber failed a sobriety test. when miami beach police tried to arrest him, he allegedly resisted without violence. he was allegedly drag racing with friend, goes by the twitter handle of crazy cha lil. they were driving suvs and blocked traffic behind them. miami beach police tell abc news this morning that bieber cannot be bailed out until noon once he is dried out in jail for at least eight hours. it was culmination of quite a week in south beach for bieber
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who posted these pictures on instagram. but it wasn't all innocent fun. tmz has these photos of him at a miami area strip club. the police department is investigating why at least two of its officers escorted bieber from the airport to several party spots, including that club. justin bieber has been in trouble in the past, we know, robin, this could be the most serious thing he's faced yet. those dui -- now, robin -- >> on the weather, those dangerous ground blizzards and white outs. good morning. this will be an issue for lot of people today. here is why. 35% of our nation is covered in snow at this point. as far south as georgia. parts of the carolinas, and you can see back in the northern plains, that's where we're seeing the issue. the ground blizzard. where you have the wind plus the cold plus the dry snow that blows over and the visibility
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reduces to 0 at times. 15 below is the windchill in st. louis. memphis 21. we've got windchill advisories as far south as the gulf states. so, so many people waking up this morning and saying, please, tell me we have some reprieve at some point. i can't. we're going to borrow air from siberia. it will come in waves. tomorrow is not good. saturday is better. but sunday into monday, can i tell you, almost like early january. that polar air sticks. look at this. minneapolis, you wake up on monday morning, 17 below. new york city by tuesday, it's 6. it's going to be messy. real quick look at that video one more time. the sky is blue. you don't need snowfalling to make a blizzard. gio benitez is in boston with all of it. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, ginger. you know, you're talking about those temperatures. we're feeling them. 6 degrees right now here in boston, 11 below zero with the windchill. take a look behind me. because the problem right now is
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that a lot of the snow is not melting. and if you look really closely, you can actually see ice here on the sidewalk. that's what's happening on the roads making it dangerous for you. the snow may not be falling anymore, but it is blowing. 45-mile-per-hour winds hurling all that fresh snow across roadways in minnesota making parts of the state look like an arctic wasteland. windchills there as low as 45 degrees below zero. ground blizzards, now the latest threat out on the frigid roads. watch what happens when this snowplow in north dakota kicks up all that loose snow and ice, the fierce winds blowing it right into traffic creating an instant and frightening whiteout for drivers. and in new york city, this taxi driver just can't get a grip. even the trains aren't immune to the cold. passengers on this commuter train from manhattan to connecticut had to be rescued in
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the busy evening hours after their train was disabled midway, left for two hours without heat or lights. and icicles falling like daggers from building overhangs, one striking this man in the head. ems treating him for cuts on his face and lips. outside of boston a two-alarm house fire over night. firefighters were hindered while attempting to put out the blaze because three different fire hydrants froze. a 3,000-foot hose was used and in philadelphia, this woman giving birth on a sled. her husband pushing her to their car at the end of an impassable street. but the baby just couldn't wait. she gave birth right there on the side of that icy road. and the good news, mom and baby are doing just fine this morning. by the way, we are in this for the long haul here in boston. these cold temperatures will last for several days. in fact, the first time we could possibly see temperatures above
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freezing, not until saturday, george. >> gio, thanks very much. i'll take it over from here. we'll have the latest on the mounting terrorist threats at the winter olympics. two weeks away. preparations are ramping up to protect the site. that's not tamping down the competitive spirit of athletes speaking out for the first time about the threats. abc's brian ross here. good morning, brian. >> good morning, george. if the terrorists get their way, their prime targets would be the young athletes who worked so hard to get to the olympics. and there's no doubt security concerns are weighing on the american men and women who are heading to sochi. for the first time, women are being allowed to enter the ski jump competition and for the three american women who race down a 350-foot-high ski jump to qualify for the olympics, not a lot seems to scare them. even the news out of sochi. >> there you go. >> i've been watching the news. i'm reading about it and, unfortunately, it's just something that you have to deal with and keep plugging along. >> reporter: it took a long
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legal battle for the women announced wednesday to be allowed into the olympic event and they told abc news, they have no intention of letting the terror threats distract them. >> security isn't my top concern >> the only thing i said is to my family is bring a jacket that doesn't scream "america." >> reporter: but authorities say the threats are real. still no progress in tracking down the alleged suicide bomber who authorities believe is already in sochi. and the white house reported an increase in telltale signs of terror attack planning. >> we have seen an uptick in threat reporting prior to the olympics, which is, of course, of concern. >> on a positive note the olympic torch relay continues across russia. so far without incident before it heads next week into dagestan and chechnya which are the strongholds of the terror groups that have threatened to disrupt the olympics with suicide bombers. >> they are, brian, thanks very much. to josh now with that
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josh. >> 23 people have been hurt. >> more than half of the greyhound bus passengers have been transferred to area hospitals after a terrifying ordeal. a man on board grabbed the wheel and yelled i'm going to flip this bus. >> i remember hearing screaming. i realize we were not on the road anymore. i thought we were all going to die. >> he was hit all in the face, the head, and the bus driver was saying somebody get him off of me. we all tried to run up to the front and get the guy off him. >> reporter: they helped the driver prevent the bus from veering into oncoming traffic. nearly flipping over before crashing into a barrier. the suspect and the girlfriend fled into the desert before being arrested a short time later by police. that highway, interstate 10, just west of phoenix shut down for 30 minutes so those injured could be flown to nearby hospitals. the bus driver is being hailed a hero for keeping that bus up
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right and preventing any serious injuries. massive fire fight over night in dallas. these flames quickly spread through an entire block of condos. destroyed the entire complex. most of the units, in fact, were being renovated. no word yet on what started that fire. >> in mississippi, a powerful explosion, you see it there. tore through a biodiesel plant. local state of emergency had to be declared. big scare for passengers on boeing's new 787 dreamliner. they were about to take off when they saw something gushing from the plane's wing. abc's jim avila shows us. >> reporter: passengers on board a norwegian 787 were about to take off from bangkok when they saw this outside their window. fuel poring out of a wing on a dreamliner right on to the runway. the 285 passengers were evacuated without incident. but for boeing and its plane of the future dubbed the dreamliner for all of its creature comforts and fuel economy, reliability
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remains a problem. >> you know, the only problem with the 787 is that it's a new airplane and new airplanes get a lot of attention especially ones that are so uniquely built. >> reporter: in july, in japan a 787 traveling from tokyo to boston was forced to turn around over canada after a fuel pump problem was detected. a week before that, a fire on an empty dreamliner forced heathrow to close both of its runways. the dreamliner was grounded for three months last year after concerns about overheating lithium battery, a nippon airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing and evacuate after in-flight alarms located a battery fault prior to takeover. panic on this japanese airliner when smoke in the cabin forced the evacuation chutes to open and passengers to clamor for the exits. as for this latest runway fuel spill, boeing told abc news, it is working with norwegian on this issue and the passengers were never in danger.
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they said the pilots would have seen a cockpit warning before taking off with that much fuel leaking. most of these issues have been minor but this being the age of youtube not a good time for such a rough launch for such an important plane. josh? >> they are adding up. jim avila, thank you for that. a new battleground in fight over same-sex marriage. virginia's attorney general said his state's voter-approved ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional and he will no longer defend it. similar bans were recently struck down in three other states. finally, as if we needed it, scientific proof that texting while you walk makes you walk funny. of course, you remember this. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, the girl who just walked herself into a fountain texting in a mall. scientists in australia apparently with a lot of time on their hands decided we needed more research on the topics. so after lengthy experiments and measurements, we're told, they've now confirmed it's ir
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virtually impossible to text and walk in a straight line. even just reading on your phone can affect your balance. it's texting and walking strategies for posture control. so it's science, people. it's science. >> it's like a obstacle course on the sidewalk. you're dodging people. >> i smell a segment 13b next week. >> thank you, josh. we have a health alert now about soda and cancer. consumer reports is out about a chemical known to cause tumors in mice can reach potentially dangerous levels in some of our more popular drinks. richard besser here with the details. what is the chemical? >> the chemical is called 4mei and it's a by-product -- process used to make the caramel coloring that turns our sodas brown. some feel that high levels of this can cause tumors. high levels in mice have been shown to cause lung cancer. california was concerned enough that they've set a level for this. now, consumer reports tested more than 100 products and found that some levels were high.
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>> in which sodas? >> they said that pepsi, pepsi's 1 and goya's -- multi goya had the highest level. we reached out to those companies. goya had no comment. pepsi said they're in compliance with the law, that you would have to drink much more of this soda than people consume to cause a problem. >> and the fda, the feds have not found that this is a dangerous chemical. >> it's hard. we really have to go with animal studies to look at risk. the fda says the current consumption is not an issue. you would have to drink thousands of cans a day to reach the levels that the mice were getting. >> you still think soda is a problem. >> yeah, i don't recommend that people drink a lot of soda. you have an occasional soda, it doesn't matter which one you'll have you're going to be fine. water, bubbly or flat, the best way to go. here is another reason if you're concerned go for those beverages. >> thanks very much, rich besser. now to courtney love giving emotional testimony in her own defense in a landmark libel suit. her former lawyer charging she defamed him in one of her tweets.
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the case is a first of its kind ever to go to trial. abc's nick watt has the story. ♪ >> reporter: the queen of grunge moved from the stage to the stand. sued for allegedly libeling a lawyer on twitter and, yep, that's now called twibel. >> i think courtney love is potentially in trouble here. in a 2010 tweet love suggested that rhonda holmes took a bribe and backed out of a legal battle she was waging with managers of the kurt cobain's estate, her late husband, the nirvana legend. >> i think courtney's testimony today on the stand made pretty clear that she made the statements that she's accused of making that she accused rhonda of being bought off. >> reporter: if love loses this case could change twitter forever. if those 140 characters can really be held against you in a court of law. >> this is a groundbreaking case that's going to set the parameters. >> reporter: twitter has been up and running nearly eight year, nearly half a billion tweets sent a day but this is the first
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twibel case ever to make it to a u.s. court. the front woman was cross-examined by this guy. >> the jury is going to have to decide whether there's anything special about twitter. when you make false statements of fact about somebody that hurts their reputation, are you responsible for them just as you would be anyplace else? >> reporter: love at times emotional told the court she's useless with computers. thought she was just sending a personal message and quickly deleted the tweet that she has called just an opinion and she says, the internet is full of opinion and exaggeration. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> a lot of people watching this quite closely to get a look at the trial. this is an interesting story you have. >> yeah, it's a very interesting concept. curious to see what everybody thinks about it. now to a new store selling old food. americans waste billions of dollars a year throwing out food that is past its sell by date but most of that is actually
7:17 am
still good to eat. the former president of trader's joe grocery store has come up with a way to cut down on all that waste. it is a staggering number, 40% of food produced in america each year wasted. that's 160 billion pounds of food in the trash. the main culprit, this, the sell by dates. >> i'm very conscious of health issues. and i would never eat that. >> reporter: right now, 90% of us are throwing out food. not realizing the fda says most products past their label's prime are generally still safe to eat. >> there is no correlation between an expiration date and the sell by and best buy dates. they are not indications of food safety. >> reporter: so this morning, doug rauch, the former head of trader joe's, is set to launch a new store that will only sell food other chains deem unsellable.
7:18 am
>> these are guidelines that grocers use to sell something when it's at its peak, maximum flavor and a day or two after that is still a good product. >> reporter: the plan is to buy up outdated, damaged or blemished food from grocery store, restaurants and producers and sell it at a grocery store and restaurant he's calling "daily table." >> the idea behind the daily table is to bring affordable nutrition down to the inner cities in america and offers it for pennies on the dollar. >> reporter: the first daily table will open its doors in dorchester, massachusetts, this may. and if it does well, look for more daily tables around the country. >> need to know more. need to know more. as long as it's safe but -- >> which are safe and which ones aren't? >> exactly. >> and the food is generally safe, they say. generally is a very vague term. >> well, and the labeling. if there is a labeling issue maybe we can fix the labeling issue rather than guess. >> i'm all about not wasting. >> absolutely. >> we'll need a follow-up here. >> yeah.
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>> first, another check of the weather over with ginger. >> the big fight in our house because ben does not like to save things. he throws it out. i'm like probably to the bad point. all right, let's talk about weather before we all get ill. we'll look at houston because this morning a winter storm warning that's in effect. they'll get some freezing rain that will accumulate to almost a quarter inch of ice early tomorrow morning going to be messy. houston, almost three years since you've seen this type of winter storm watch or warning and then we've got that dry and windy west, los angeles, 74 today. we go in a little, offshore flow not looking good. yellow is a blowing dust advisory. plenty of fire danger too. your local forecast in 30 seconds. first coldest cities brought to you by mazda.
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you know, we're all so cold we'll check in on hawaii when we come back. >> why not. >> thank you, ginger. coming up on "gma," it is a live chopper shot, miami beach where justin bieber has been arrested taken into custody for drag racing and failed a sobriety test. also ahead, an abc news
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exclusive, the tragic shooting at a florida movie theater over texting. "gma." we'll get into that coming up on "gma." are made with a few simple ingredients, for a sun-ripened deliciousness that makes every day simply...extraordinary. ♪ with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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your eyes are amazing. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins with lutein and vitamins a, c, and e to support healthy eyes and packed with key nutrients to support your heart and brain, too. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. good morning. i'm eric thomas. developing news in fran. firefighters have been on the scene of a two-alarm blaze. above a large building on stevenson street between clinton park and 14th street.
7:25 am
crews got the call about 6:00 this morning when smoke was billowing out of the roof of a building. firefighters are on top of that building. it used to be a warehouse with loft spaces for mixed use. looks as though the fire is now contained if not out with firefighters looking for hot spots between the walls. no word yet on injuries or what started this fire. how about traffic now? here is leyla gulen. >> right. there could be a possible impact because of this fire. it's on stevenson street between clinton park and 14th street. muni does not have to be rerouted. that's not a problem. east bay heyward, sigalert still in effect. north and southbound is shut down. that will last until 9:00 this morning all due to a car that hit a power pole.
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red flag warnings have been extended until tomorrow afternoon all the way up to medford. we also have the big wave coming at 10:00 this morning through
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live shots right now, the police station in miami beach. that is where justin bieber is in custody right now after being pulled over early this morning for drag racing, dui. unclear what the substance was but he's in big trouble right now. all the latest details on justin bieber. this is just coming in the last several minutes. >> he's been hitting headlines after headlines after headlines since he was here in miami, too. also our exclusive interview with the wife of the florida man shot in a movie theater. the shooter allegedly was that he was texting. this morning, his wife is speaking out in her first live interview. we'll be talking to nicole oulson coming up. heartbreaking. then we are going to shift gears. it is our mega-makeover week, as you know and this morning we're giving identical twins the head-to-toe work, a makeover of a lifetime, i dare say and abc's
7:31 am
sara hayes is right outside one of their homes getting it done. >> good morning! >> good morning. >> nice to see you. are you guys ready? >> those two sisters about to get, again, a really great makeover. you'll be able to take home some tips. i guarantee you. we've got the glam squad on it. >> and reveal it throughout the morning. we will begin with our exclusive interview with the wife of that florida man shot to death in a movie theater by a man allegedly angry that he was texting. nicole oulson was standing right next to her husband, chad, when he was killed and she was injured herself. we're going to talk to her in a moment. but first abc's matt gutman with the story. >> reporter: nicole and chad oulson, new parents to 2-year-old alexis, had a rare chance for a movie date on
7:32 am
january 13th to "lone survivor" at a local theater in tampa, florida. the movie hasn't started but the screen had lit up with announcements like this asking folks to power down phones but oulson was reportedly texting his daughter's baby-sitter. his daughter wasn't feeling well. sitting behind them curtis reeves who police say became increasingly agitated. >> curtis reeves asked him a few times to please turn off his phone, chad decided not to. >> reporter: according to police reeves said he went to get the manager but returned alone and the two got into an argument. curtis reeves had allegedly pulled his .38 handgun firing a single bullet hitting chad in the chest and nicking nicole's finger as she tried to protect her husband. reeves was arrested on the scene. >> no bond. >> reporter: at a court hearing wearing a green suicide prevention gown he was charged with second degree murder and faces a possible sentence of life in prison if convicted.
7:33 am
he is currently being held without bond. his attorney says he might use florida's controversial stand your ground law as a defense. >> he was hit with -- in the face with an unknown object. at that point in time he has every right to defend himself. >> somebody throws popcorn and, i'm not sure who threw the popcorn and then, bang, he was shot. >> reporter: a family is mourning the loss of a beloved husband and a doting father. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> and joining us now, nicole oulson, along with her attorney, t.j. grimaldi. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> nicole, our sincere silver condolences. i hope you have felt the well wishes of everyone around the country. we can see that you are still on the mend. how are you bearing up? >> hanging in there, yeah. the gunshot wound to my finger is the least of my worries right now. that will heal. the real pain is my heart and that will take a long time, if ever, to get over. >> that's understandable.
7:34 am
i know your only major concern is your beautiful little girl alexis. how is she? >> staying strong for her. she's luckily thankfully at a young age where i don't think that this is going to have as much of an impact on her right now. she doesn't know what's going on. but there are times at night especially that was my husband's ritual to put her to bed and it's times like that where before the last thing he would say to her before tucking her in is that you make me so happy, daddy's so happy, lexi and she would say, me happy too, daddy. lexi happy too and those are the times that i'll never be able to replace. that's when it's hard. >> cling to those memories. it was a rare chance. you had the little girl. it was a rare chance for you and your husband to have some alone time and you decided to go to a movie. tell us about that. >> it was. yes. we're on different schedules. he works weekends and i work monday through friday. about once a quarter i have to
7:35 am
work a rotating saturday so in that situation i get to choose a day off during the week and, of course, i choose monday to be with him. we take the daughter to the day care and we just wanted to have a good day together. spend some quality time with the love of my life. >> you go to the movie theater. you sit down. he want -- you want to check in with the baby-sitter because you don't leave her alone that much. can you tell us what happened inside that movie theater, nicole. >> we got there a little early, just to get some concessions and relax a little bit. we were watching the previews. just having a good time. it was the first time we've actually agreed on a movie together. usually i'm dragging him to a chick flick or he's dragging me to a movie but we were really both excited and into this movie so we were just sitting there, you know, getting ready for the movie to start, respectful when the movie is on we put our phones away so he took a couple seconds just to check the phone to make sure there was no messages about our daughter, you know, before putting his phone away and the blink of an eye, 30
7:36 am
seconds and it just shattered my world. >> just because of being on the phone and i know that it's an ongoing investigation and that's why t.j. is here. there are some things i can't ask you and you can't answer because of the investigation. there have been many reports that there was popcorn thrown that there was something that was thrown. can you shed any light on to that, t.j. >> i can and i can't in the sense that there -- it is an ongoing criminal investigation as you indicated so there are certain facts out there in the media that are accurate then there are other conclusions not necessarily accurate but what i can say to the popcorn issue is this. in my opinion it doesn't matter if it was popcorn, twizzlers, a hot cup of coffee, there is absolutely no reason this should have escalated to the level it did, especially as quickly as it did. knowing also that he's probably the individual that is trained the most to be able to de-escalate a situation. being an ex-cop and being in
7:37 am
charge of security at a major amusement park, he should know how to bring something back down to a calm level, not escalate it himself. >> i think that was part of what was so surprising to many people when they heard this story. nicole, is there any reason why the man who shot your husband would have felt threatened? >> absolutely not. not in the least. i never expected it. never could have imagined it. i mean, it was a couple of words, no threats, no harm, no nothing. >> and the gentleman is 71 years old but he's a big guy. he's not elderly by any stretch of the imagination. i know that we have heard, again, that the stand your ground which is very controversial, t.j., that that could be used as a defense. >> you know, we've kind of come -- become accustomed to that in florida specifically so we've discussed that with nicole and as a firm we've realized that there's an attorney out there trying to defend him and he's going to do everything he
7:38 am
possibly can to advocate for his client. however, as a lot of people have been discussing throughout the country recently, there is just no way that can stand up in this case. the stand your ground is a defensive mechanism in the sense that it allows you to protect yourself with like force. if you feel force coming, you can have force in return. if you feel deadly force coming, you can use that to protect yourself. but it's not an offensive thing and with what happened that's happened in that movie theater this day, that's what happened here. he was the aggressor. he was the offender and took it to another level. to use that as a defense is unbelievable. it's almost impossible. >> i know you share those thoughts. tell us about your husband. tell us about chad. i understand he liked to race motorbikes. >> motorcycles. motorbikes, that was his life. he said many a times he was over 40 when we had our daughter if
7:39 am
he had known it would have been this great he wouldn't have waited this long. he was the type of guy that would go to pick up to go food and start chatting with somebody for two seconds, i mean, while picking up food and they would become friends for life. we'd have the sprinkler guy come out to change sprinklers and he was a best friend, that type of guy, outgoing, friendly, just, you know, easy to get along with. everybody loved him. >> have you felt the love from people all around the country? >> it's been amazing. truly amazing. it's unbelievable. >> well, i hope it has brought you some measure of comfort. i'm glad your sister melissa is here with you and i know there are people that are helping out as they can on facebook and that and i know part of the reason you came here is that you're hoping to see justice and what is that for you? >> for him to stay behind bars for the rest of his life. he brought an unfair life sentence to me to have to raise my daughter alone, to have to live without the love of my life, for my daughter to grow up without her daddy by her side for graduation and marriage and
7:40 am
it was so unnecessary. it was for no reason so i want him behind bars and to be punished for his senseless act. >> your strength is admirable, nicole and just know that all of us here and around the country, around the world are thinking of you and lifting you up. you and alexis. >> thank you. >> t.j., nicole, all the best going forward. >> thank you. >> let's go over to ginger. yeah, robin, as nice as hawaii sounds we have a serious situation shaping up there too. we wanted to show you some video. this is the wave height. that could have reached 40, even 50 feet high. now, some surfers love that but if you're on the coast anywhere from north oahu but at the islands, all of them have some sort of high surf advisory or warning and florida this morning waking up with freeze watches, windchill advisories throughout the southeast. look at miami, actual air temperature, 48. tampa, 38. tallahassee, 31. so not too warm until the weekend back in florida.
7:41 am
good morning. i'm mike nicco. high fire danger still up north. big surf coming today. temperatures warmer than average under sunshine. not record levels. mid to upper 50s. >> all that weat >> all that weather brought to you by macy's. george. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, the latest breaking details on justin bieber arrested this morning for drag racing and dui.
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and w and we are back now at 7:43 with the big, dramatic twist on the hit reality show "dance moms" one of the moms now ordered to stay away from the dance coach after allegedly attacking her. abc's linsey davis has our story. >> reporter: it's been called the jerry springer of dance. >> you are ugly to the core. >> reporter: but now the stars of "dance moms" on scream shouting matches and over-the-top catfights. >> shut up. >> how old are you? who says shutup? >> reporter: are leading to some real-life drama. it all played out in a new york court tuesday. >> it's not me. i would never allow this to happen. >> reporter: in the case of reality star and dance instructor abby lee miller -- >> don't raise your kid to be a sneak. >> reporter: versus "dance mom's" kelly highland. her attorney tells abc news a judge ordered highland for now to stay away from miller, meaning no talking and no tweeting.
7:45 am
tmz cameras catching the outspoken dance teacher as she left court. >> she pulls up in a fancy car waltzing in with her attorney. she plays the dumb blond thing. >> reporter: according to a complaint 42-year-old highland, the mother of two girls both dancers on the show, was accused by miller of assault and harassment which highland was later charged with and pleaded not guilty. the incident occurred last november during a taping of the popular lifetime reality show. >> i have to stand by what i believe in and i believe that justice -- >> is going to be served. >> well, yes. >> reporter: in the complaint, miller claims that highland struck miller with her hand causing bruising to her cheek and that highland pulled miller's hair causing substantial pain which reportedly led to highland's arrest. >> apparently abby was bringing in other girls to highlight other dancers on the show and kelly, being one of the stage
7:46 am
moms on the show, it got a little heated. >> reporter: but highland's attorney tells a different story. >> miss miller's extremely aggressive and extremely curt in her words and hasn't gone to the physical end until recently. >> reporter: in the show's fourth season "dance moms" will show they're not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the loud mouth leader to make sure their daughters all shine on stage. miller also made some stunning allegations to reporters outside of court saying she brought highland to court for the well-being of highland's children who she claims are in danger under their mother's care. they're expected back in court on march 10th. lara? >> thank you very much. coming up, there it is, ready. it's our glam van. we're giving two lucky moms a mega-makeover. i dare say of a lifetime. stay with us. ♪ you won't remember , we know you can't afford wrong turns on the road to your future. that's why we build tools like our career guidance system.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. shooting death of an 11-year-old boy, it appears the boy accidentally shot himself at home last night. investigators have not identified the gun's owner or how the boy got ahold of it. mike nicco has the forecast. cooler. >> still well warmer than average. mid to upper 60s. notice the lack of asterisks. high fire danger in the north bay mountains and the big surf coming to our coast. accuweather seven-day forecast, record highs could be back as
7:57 am
soon as sunday. leyla? sigalert now opened mission boulevard. we had all lanes shut down due to a car that hit a power pole. we also have this accident blocking one lane southbound 101 at shore line boulevard. we are seeing ba
7:58 am
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♪ how do do like me now good morning, america at 8:00, and the glam van on the move. twin sisters whisked inside this morning now getting made over by our beauty squad on their way right here to times square. ♪ when i need you and the men of "full house" back together again torching the web before they're here live in times square. the "super" reason they're reuniting. ♪ gypsies, tramps and chiefs and big "deals & steals" to warm your winter right now, all ahead this hour as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> you go, cher. i love listening to cher, and there is the glam van.
8:01 am
those sisters in there getting makeovers right now as part of our mega-makeover week. sara haines earlier this morning knocking on melanie and melissa's door. you can see they're beautiful twin sisters. they're moms from new jersey, and as soon as they got in that van, lara's glam squad was there, gregg, andrea, my glam squad, alana, petula joining them here to give them a makeover of a lifetime and you'll see the big reveal when they make it here to the studio. >> just be careful on those roads. icy roads. be careful on the roads. >> all of this during the commute from new jersey to new york. i love it. the glam squad getting it done. >> it will be great. also ahead, news we've been telling you about, justin bieber early this morning arrested in miami beach, that's the police station right there. he's under arrest now, pulled over, now in custody for drag racing, dui. we're going to have all the latest details just ahead. we'll also talk about the whiz kid who cracked the code to true love. 88 dates to his dream girl.
8:02 am
well, now he's revealing how he did it. has he finally figured out how everyone can find their perfect match? he'll tell us in our "gma" -- well, he'll tell us, but we want you to tell us in a "gma" flash poll, do you think there's a formula for online dating success? go to on yahoo! i think there could be. >> yeah. >> this guy seems to prove it. >> yeah. >> a little bit of this and that. >> algorithm. okay. >> could be. >> very romantic. >> news first. we'll begin with the breaking story we first brought you last hour from arizona where a greyhound bus crashed near phoenix. authorities believe one of the passengers on that bus yelled, "i'm going to flip this bus" while punching the driver. it caused the bus to crash into a barrier, 23 people were injured in the crash. three of them have been air-lifted for treatment. others on the bus left in shock at what happened. >> he was hitting him all in the face, the head and the bus driver was saying somebody get him off me, so all of us tried
8:03 am
to run up to the front and get the guy off him. >> the driver is being called a hero for keeping the bus upright. no word yet on whether the suspect was injured or a potential motive for the attack. and also breaking overnight, the political crisis in ukraine has escalated on the streets. talks between the pro-russian government and opposition leaders have ended with no deal. protesters say they're ready to brave police bullets to stand their ground. and there's a new call this morning to end the u.s. government's sweeping collection of phone records. a privacy watchdog group set up by congress after the attacks of september 11th has concluded the nsa spy program is illegal and has been of little help in preventing terror attacks. it's the second review body to reach such a conclusion. just last week, president obama said the phone data collection will continue for now. and it is being called the super bowl snow drill because the big game is going to be played across the river in just a few days.
8:04 am
crews spent wednesday testing their snow removal skills. >> just in case. >> yeah. with an 18-hour deadline to clear metlife stadium. the nfl says it will move the game back to saturday, even friday if a big storm looms in the forecast. let's just thank god that it wasn't played this past weekend because that would have been ugly. and a couple who famously sang "love will keep us together," breaking up. '70s pop duo captain and tennille divorcing after 38 years of marriage. toni tennille filed the papers and husband daryl dragon reportedly said, he doesn't know why she did it. they're both now in their 70s. their most recent album released just last year. we hope the best -- i know you were a bit melancholy this morning. >> yeah, i was hoping we were going to get clearance to play a little bit of that because it just -- >> i'm happy to sing. >> oh, that's all right. that's okay. but, no, it's just '75. i remember that. 15 years old, "love will keep us
8:05 am
together," "muskrat love." together," come on now. >> she was singing earlier. >> keep going if -- >> no. >> we'll get the weather from ginger. >> let's do that. >> she said, i don't want to be on tv. i said, i'm sorry. you're standing next to me. you have to. right to the forecast. we do have a lot to talk about especially in the way of the cold air that reaches all the way to the south. let's look at the polar air coming down. see it, we're borrowing it from way up north. it's going to come in waves and some of it even colder next week than we have been this week. so if you haven't had enough, don't worry, the end of january going to round out like that. look at chicago waking up, 13 below. that's early next week and why we have winter storm warnings in houston, because tonight we're going to see some freezing rain and drop below freezing. look at the teens in oklahoma city. these are actual air temperatures for tomorrow morning. austin will be 25. even in the southwest, they need that moisture, not getting it. las vegas, 62 today. that's the big p .
8:06 am
>> and guess who i found. i found a laura, but laura has something to say to lara. >> lara, in to you. >> thank you so much, laura. >> and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." we have the latest for you on justin bieber under arrest for drag racing in florida and a dui. lindsey vonn is opening up about her insecurities off the slopes and her concerns about "skinny-fat." we'll explain. then two sisters, melanie and melissa, are getting the
8:07 am
final touches in our glam van. our glam squads are giving them mega-makeovers all on the way from new jersey to new york. they're getting it done. they're looking good. it's coming up live on "good morning america." >> don't take the tunnel. >> don't take the tunnels coming up on "good morning america." tunn "gma's morning menu" is brought to by new, fast-acting advil. nothing is faster. ♪ l. nothing is faster. ♪ how do you eat your eggo? ♪ you can start with the syrup, pour it on top, maybe not ♪ ♪ apple chunks and cinnamon and honey if you got ♪ ♪ bring on the chocolate spread ♪ ♪ somethin' green, somethin' blue, somethin' orange, somethin' red ♪ ♪ ham and egg, tomato sandwich ♪ cut it nice and do some damage ♪ ♪ cream cheese, pomegranate ♪ make it look like jack or janet ♪ ♪ x's and o's and a tic tac toe ♪ ♪ you can fill in the holes, let the syrup flow, yeah ♪ ♪ stack it, snack it, maybe you can bend it ♪ ♪ you can slice it up and dice it up ♪ ♪ and big it up and friend it [ female announcer ] there are millions of ways to eggo! try one of our fun recipes on facebook... and eggo your way! ♪ just l'eggo my eggo
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for up to $20,000 for qualifying new students. start at apply by february 28th. ♪ this letter is "u" you know it's true it starts some words there are more than a few ♪ i'm not -- >> i don't want twitter imploded. i'm not talking over one direction. you got to give it to them. they are singing all about "u," one direction is as in the letter "u" for one direction's
8:11 am
appearance on "sesame street" which is about as fun as it gets here in new york city. the group visited the show actually a few months ago, this, of course, a sneak peek at that episode when it comes, and, of course, they graced the stage up there in central park with us just a little bit ago, as well. >> remember that crowd that morning. >> oh, my god. >> it was unbelievable. like the city of new york was almost begging us not to have it in central park. >> it was great. >> it was great. it was awesome. i teed it up for you, lara. >> thank you, josh. take a swing. here we go. good morning, everybody. he may be an oscar nominee now because of his work in "the wolf of wall street," but jonah hill says he was actually paid the lowest possible allowed by s.a.g. guidelines $60,000 for his co-starring role. that's a lot of money. but in comparison leo reportedly made something like $10 million, he was also a producer. hill told howard stern he was so thrilled just for the chance to work with martin scorsese when they made him the offer, he didn't even negotiate, he said, send the papers over tonight.
8:12 am
i want to sign before he can change his mind. he said he would have sold his house and paid scorsese for the chance to work with him adding it isn't about money. you should do things that you care about. >> amen to that. >> amen. >> how refreshing. >> yes. >> i will say, if you want -- he sat down for an hour with howard stern. if you're by a computer, have an hour to kill -- >> it's a great interview. >> it's a great interview. >> he is a very smart young man and a terrific actor, so congratulations. "pop news" is filled with fun this morning. delicious fun. as we introduce two brand-new limited edition flavors hitting shelves next month of oreos. we are getting the first taste right here because they know that we do love our food on "gma." get ready for cookie dough and marshmallow crispy oreos. no, josh? you're not going there? >> a cookie dough oreo for me, it's like having chicken in a scrambled egg. >> can i say oreo with the marshmallow crispies, you nailed it.
8:13 am
>> the crispies are -- >> what a fascinating image. >> this is pretty good. >> where's the milk? i like to dunk. >> you just can't -- >> robin, we're getting you milk. >> i need it all at the same place in the evolution. >> i'm trying to move on. i'm chewing. it's rude to talk with food in your mouth. so the company is launching their new flavors with a brand-new commercial set to air this weekend, and there's a special hashtag that will give you ways to score the new flavors before they make their nationwide debut and i dare say we give it thumbs up. >> i like it. >> thank you for the first look. and finally, i think this is very special, george. you heard of dog owners sometimes look like their dogs but what about a dog owner's blueberry muffin. >> that's amazing. that's terrific. >> we found this on tumblr. kaelyn posted this when she discovered the uncanny resemblance of her breakfast to her chihuahua. >> pretty good. >> perfect.
8:14 am
>> she's now going to have pilgrims showing up outside of her house come to see the image. the shroud of turin has nothing on that muffin. >> it's national pie today. i thought for sure you were going to have some pie for us. >> it's early. >> have another oreo. >> thank you there, lara. now to the latest on pop superstar justin bieber arrested in miami beach overnight for drag racing and a dui. abc's matt gutman is there in front of the miami beach police station with the latest right now. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. after spending eight hours here sobering up at the miami beach police station after a wild night of apparently partying and police say drag racing while drunk, justin bieber's been transferred to the county lockup. police say that he was busted for dui and for cussing out an officer. this is justin bieber being pulled over by police early this morning. a new video obtained by tmz. he was stopped just after 4:00 a.m. for drag racing in this rented yellow lam bar geeny. when police pulled him over,
8:15 am
they realized his license had expired. then bieber failed a sobriety test when miami beach police tried to arrest him, allegedly resisted without violence kurgs them out. >> personally lit belligerent. using choice words. questioning why he was being stopped. >> he was allegedly drag racing with friend khalil amir sharieff. members of the duo's entourage were driving suvs blocked traffic behind according to police. miami beach police tell abc news that bieber had to spend at least eight hours in lockup to dry out after a dui. it was the culmination of quite a week in south beach for the beebs. who posted these pictures on instagram of him and his friends skate boarding and playing basketball just a few hours before the arrest. but it wasn't all innocent fun. tmz has these photos of him at a miami area stripup and the police department is investigating why at least two of its officers escorted bieber from the airport to several
8:16 am
party spots, including that club. justin bieber is no stranger from trouble from cops investigating allegations of vandalism and drugs at his l.a. home -- [ bleep ]. >> i got another one for you. >> picture of bill clinton in new york. in an interview with hollywood report to promote his movie, he says he knows who he is, even if the media doesn't. i don't give a explative what they say. i know who i am and what i'm doing in my life and what i've accomplished. i'm happy with the man i'm becoming. >> lot of lies being put out there. >> reporter: now, robin, i don't know if you can see. around me there are dozens of media outlets. lots of spectators. everybody curious to see what happens here. while we felt like we've known jeesh for years. he is still just 19. below the legal drinking age. that dui is very serious. he could face a possible six months in jail if he's convicted on that charge alone.
8:17 am
robin? >> sometimes we forget that, matt. thank you very much. somebody wants to get arrested so he can be inside with him. >> don't try that. let's move on to the next story. i love this one. it's about a boston math whiz who figured how to get the girl of his dreams. they're getting married now. abc's abbie boudreau looked at this brainy path to the alter. >> it's a little more beautiful mind than the notebook. but it's still got the job done. mathematician chris mckinly so fed up with online dating he resorted to math to find his true love. >> i probably went on maybe a date or two a month for four or five months. >> reporter: frustrated but still hopeful, mckinly says he built his own algorithm to attract the best matches from the dating site he was on. sounds romantic. >> it was a grad student geek
8:18 am
mode. >> he written a book titled optimal cupid. says he set up six fake profiles and used them to get information from about 20,000 women on a site. >> so there were seven clusters of people, all of whose answers were similar. >> and from those clusters of women, he studied how they answered key survey questions from the site, including their interests and what they were looking for in a man. he says all of a sudden he had thousands of potential matches who put him at the top of their lists. >> how many dates did you go on? >> 88. >> at what point did you realize you found the one? >> about 20 minutes into the 88th date. >> the last one? >> well, that's why it was the last one. >> mckinly says about one year later he and christine got engaged. not so surprisingly, over skype. abc news reached out to okkupd but did not get a response.
8:19 am
for good morning america, abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> well, it worked for him. but the results of our flash poll, do you think there's a formula for online dating success, 82% of you said no? okay. we'll talk about it now. author of mistyped stop sabotaging your relationships and find dating success. what do you make of this? >> it's exciting. it shows how much people are really looking for love. he was willing to go the extra mile to find the one for him. >> and so many people are going online. we often talk about the success stories of people finding love. any suggestions on the best way to go about it? >> i think you should be really honest in your profile. i mean, you see he was trying very desperately to match up with other people. you want to say what you really believe. represent yourself well. let your personality come out in your profile so people can really get matched up with the right folks. you should use more than one
8:20 am
site. each site measures the compatibility in different ways. you'll get more hits if you're looking at more than one place. >> aren't you going to embellish it a little bit? your best self perhaps? >> he had 88 dates. so it did work but for 87 dates he was 0 for 87 until the last one. so it seems also don't let a horror story stop you here. >> absolutely. i don't suggest people ben j date like he did. he did a lot of dates in a very short period of time. it would be exhausting. you should feel encouraged. i think people should use other forms of social networking to get other connections, friends of friends. it's not just letting the algorithm spit it out for you, the computer, letting people who already know you -- you can get to see their profiles. you learn a lot about people before you go on your first date. >> that's the thing. you can use the algorithm to get to the dating part. once you get out in the real world, it's up to you. is there really a magic formula?
8:21 am
>> no. it's be yourself, open up, enjoy the dating part. don't rush to the end. that's a big problem that people rush to the end. enjoy it. >> enjoy the journey. life is a journey, not a destination. >> it's true. >> thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. now to olympic skiing star, lindsey vonn opening up about our insecurities off the slopes. speaking to "self" magazine about what it's like on the red carpet with women half her size. juju chang soefr here with the story. good morning. >> good morning, robin. well the skiing sensation with the killer fa seek admitting that she felt intimidated by the supermodels. but then in a very candid interview, she says she also realizes her body is healthier. lot of those women are what she calls skinny fat. >> she admits she doesn't always
8:22 am
feel that way. in the latest issue of self magazine, von revealing from time to time, she battles insecurities. saying, quote, it was hard to go to the met ball last may with people who eat lettuce and a diet coke for a dinner. it's difficult to be at events with a room full of people who weigh half as much as you do. it's always tough. >> as long as i feel good about myself, it doesn't matter what i'm wearing. >> reporter: and though attending the met ball, alongside boyfriend, tiger woods, was tough, she says i don't envi them, though. so many of them are skinny fat. i feel like i need to give them a cheese burger. it's sexy and beautiful to be strong. what is skinny fat? it means that even if you are an ideal weight, you may have too much fat and not enough muscle. >> back in 2010, i had the pleasure of having my body fat measured. my body mass index was far from obese. but for a woman of my age, my body fat percentage put me at
8:23 am
risk. the acceptable range is 23 to 35. mine, was 37. >> and that puts you at risk for all the things that being obese would put you at risk for. >> right. >> 1 in 4 chance of having diabetes. >> reporter: so we asked david for some diet tips to prevent being skinny fat. >> get lentles, black beans, high fiber foods. what these will do is keep you fuller longer. >> okay. these? >> these are low glycemic index foods. it keeps your blood sugar stable. >> this is a great me tablism booster. >> it's not going to bulk you up ch you would have to spend hours in a gym to get to that point. >> that's not happening. >> you want good for your carbs. you want healthy omega three fatty acids. >> these foods are helped you reduce your body fat percentage. >> yes. and give you an overall balanced
8:24 am
diet. >> and of course it's never just about diet but exercise, too, to help build muscles. hitting the gym helps you burn that fat and this is of course yet another example of the fact that we need to eat right, work out not to be skinny as the goal but to be healthy. and with that, i'm going straight to the gym. >> take us with you. that february issue of self is on news stands january 28th. now we have some super bowl ads? >> yes. it's the big gamed a straf began sa. ten days out. best part of the game for so many of you are the ads. we start with the great yogurt off. >> whoo. now that was a good game. what do you say, boys, time to go to bed? >> don't you think it's time we all get our own places? >> nah. >> cute. >> we do have by the way, gma full house reunion joining us
8:25 am
wednesday. also i want -- >> come back. come back. >> do we have another? >> stephen colbert, friend of the program. take a look. >> america, on february 2nd, apparently two professional football teams will be playing a game in honor of my first wonderful pistachios commercial. we'll be there. won't we, girl? >> he is something else. >> so funny. >> he is funny. >> he's terrific. and i want a pistachio. >> i do, too. >> do we have time for audi? let's do it. >> hi. i'm sara mcglauf lin, will you help these misunderstood animals. everyday they're crying out for your help. ♪ ♪ with a heart as big as your head ♪ ♪ you're a friend to all,
8:26 am
troubled animal ♪ ♪ ♪ misunderstood >> what is that for? >> she's a big supporter of aspca. >> right. >> so it's really just to raise awareness of the plight of the -- >> that is just surreal. >> it's totally surreal and it's why you can't leave the couch for like four hours on super bowl sunday. coming up here, i this i that they made it through the tunnel. the glam van pulling up just moments ago. two moms, great looks. go nowhere. two moms, great looks. go nowhere.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. deadly shooting of a bart officer will be investigated when they begin their regular scheduled meeting. accidentally shot during the search of a suspect's apartment. michael mays was the one who fired the fatal shot. is he seen here in a proefgs promotional bart video. bart officials have still not said how tuesday's incident of friendly fire occurred. let's check in with leyla gulen. >> mid span westbound side of the bridge, two-car crash is ploking one lane. heavy backups approximate before the toll plaza. oakland, southbound side of 880 at 29th avenue, four-car crash
8:28 am
here. that has one lane tied up with bumper-to-bumper traffic as
8:29 am
we're back. looking at pretty big waves. they're eight to ten feet right now. possible of them getting up to 20 is one of the big stories, along with temperatures 4 to 9 degrees cooler. no more records, but still warmer than average in the mid to upper 60s.
8:30 am
till 9:00 tomorrow is when the breakers could be above 20 feet. we still have the high fire ♪ ♪ yelling timber you better move ♪ >> there's the glam van made its way from jersey right up here to our studio in times square where that audience is getting the spirit award outside because it's cold. >> it's not a van. it's full tilt. >> it's full tilt. >> we glammed up the glam van. lots of glam including our sara haines who picked up identical twin, melanie and melissa bright and early this a.m. and, again, in the time it took them to get from their homes to our studio under that river, lara and robin's glam squads respectively gave them the makeover of a lifetime. >> so robin and i did each other's makeup. >> we did. it was really something. >> big reveal coming up, as well. it was great.
8:31 am
>> yeah, we were still in our pjs. >> nice. >> also our friend tory johnson is going to be along with her great "deals & steals" this morning. all the treats you need to get us through the brutal winter. up to 76% off, tory? how do you do it? how do you do it? >> i can't wait to see what's underneath the boxes. also you've heard of zumba, one of the hottest dance workouts for adults. now zumbini. say it with me. it's got moms and their little kids sweating it out together. >> ah. >> looks like fun. >> it is. >> and we all remember that amazing flash wedding we had last year right here on "gma." remember brian and melissa right here, they actually got married live in times square just got an update from them. they are loving married life. there they are right now and now buildinging on that we'll take things to the next level with our epic wedding showdown. we'll give four engaged couples the opportunity to come to new york for the competition of a
8:32 am
lifetime. they're going to compete for the chance for a walk down the aisle live on "gma." they'll have to earn it. battle it out. i cannot imagine what we'll put these people to to get married. >> find out how you and your fiance can enter for a chance to say "i do" live in times square. go to our website >> george, have you seen "the hunger games"? >> that's not even funny. because our producers are going, ooh. yeah. all right. >> well, that's why you have to stay tuned every morning, folks. you just never know. but we do know it's mega-makeover week here at "gma" and we literally went the distance this morning. our glam van traveling from suburban new jersey with identical twins, melissa and melanie inside getting treated to a transformation. sara haines heescorting them he for the reveal. do tell. >> i'm in the glam van right now. i didn't drive.
8:33 am
don't worry but in here it's transportation meets transformation. in the time it takes a suburban commuter to get into new york city, we made over identical twins melissa and melanie, check it out. ♪ meet melissa chang and melanie roman, 34-year-old identical twins from new jersey who say they are more than just sisters, they are lifelong best friends who did everything together. >> she's my best friend. that's the whole thing about it. we're always together. we are never alone. >> reporter: from tiny tots in matching outfits to high school prom they even chose the same major in college. now married with families and living in the same town -- >> i go first. >> reporter: melissa and melanie are sharing in their greatest life adventure yet, motherhood. >> we are so immersed in our children, we wear workout clothes every day. >> sometimes we get up, we don't even time to comb my hair. >> reporter: ready it kick off the new year with new looks and
8:34 am
some well-deserved pampering the sisters are hoping to step up their style game. >> see, this is our normal wear. >> reporter: from t-shirts and sweats to amped up mommy chic wear. >> we pretty much had the same -- like we look the same. it would be nice to volunteer a different look for each other. something that's comfortable because we're always on the go. >> reporter: with the help of lara's glam quad, gregg and andrea and robin's glam quad, alana and petula, "gma's" most exciting makeovers ever are happening right now. live. >> we're so excited for this opportunity. >> it's another moment that we'll share together. >> reporter: just minutes ago we gave the sisters an early morning wake-up call at melanie's house in suburban new jersey. >> are you guys ready to come get crazy beautiful? >> yes. >> okay. >> let's go. >> stop being moms. and whisked them away. destination, times square. >> thank you. >> let's get crazy. party starting. for the ultimate mega-makeover
8:35 am
live reveals. the makeovers are in full swing. this is so exciting. >> we've got big ideas for you. >> we're just a few minutes away. stay tuned. >> that's right, melanie and melissa are inside the glam van getting the final touches for the big reveal which is coming up in just a few minutes. we can't wait. back to you, robin. >> all right. we're looking forward to that, as well. the final reveal is coming up but first the final check of weather with ginger. ginger. >> oh, good morning to you. yes, and it's cold out here. we started in the single digits but maybe warm up and go to san diego. this morning they do have a dense fog advisory. we have a beautiful picture that is formed in part by fog. thank you, jim grant, just takes the best photos out there in southern california. and in plant city, florida, the ground covered by frost. the person taking this, bobbi said, really. really. waking up this morning, yes, you'll stay cold for the next two days then you'll get a little reprieve at least for awhile. look at the snow, though, coming
8:36 am
through the weekend so chicago gets a shot friday night and then again on sunday. we're going to look for some of the higher amounts around the lake. lake-effect snow becoming an issue. and we'll look -- leave you with good morning. i'm mike nicco. high fire danger still up north. big surf coming today. temperatures warmer than average under sunshine. not record levels. mid to upper 50s. >> this weather report brought to you by toyota. i just heard ginger zee yelling. >> i'm a huge fan. >> fan of yours, george, we're just having too much fun. >> having a lot of fun out there. right now we'll check in on the latest twist on dancing for good health. we've all heard of the aerobic dance class zumba. it's going baby and bianna tried it out.
8:37 am
>> reporter: once a creative music movement called zumbini. with jake in tow we decided to check out a class outside the nation's capital. launched last summer it fuses a zu zumba with children. a mother of three can see the positive effects zumbini had on her own kids. do you find each take something different away from the class? >> probably. i mean he's constantly changing the way he learns. you know, the 7-year-old comes for the music and 5-year-old comes to dance but he's watching and learning and memorizing and dancing. >> reporter: jake and i joined in for learning and dancing of our own. ♪ jump >> reporter: each class gives infants and toddlers up to 3 years old a unique opportunity to bond with their parents and caretakers through a mix of dances. instrument play.
8:38 am
and, yes, even scarves. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: all building healthy living and social development skills. wow, what a class. >> between the drums and scarves and just the dancing, everything is coordinated. >> it is. you know, we a zumbini class is designed for all type of learners, visual, auditory and kiniestics. >> reporter: while the goal is learning, ashley, the creator, tells us it's all about having fun. >> it is a fitness company but not about fitness, it's about coming, having fun, enjoying the music and the benefits of enjoying the music and dancing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, washington. >> that is adorable. it looked like bianna had a lot of fun.
8:39 am
coming up, "deals & steals," great treats up to 76% all just for "gma" viewers. butalk to the leader.ty, tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
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♪ it's not about the money
8:42 am
it's obviously cold outside. deals that are hot this morning. "deals & steals" time. tory johnson, winter treats. >> yes. >> you can't afford not to buy them. log on because half the stuff already gone and away we go. tory. >> here we go. so first up i have to tell you this is not shift approved but it is a lot of fun for a lot of people. it is from itsugar and it is all about gigantic candy including this big gummy bear. you see a lot of big candy including an eight-foot-long gummy snake. take a look at that. yeah, yeah, yeah, so eight feet long, 26 pounds, 36,000 calories, clearly that is, you know, a prop. that is to have fun with. but there's a whole lot of candy that people do love, right people do love so regularly starting at $7, slashed by 60%, $2.80 to get a whole lot of sugar fun. >> robin sent a lot of candy to sarina. we're only halfway through.
8:43 am
it's been months. >> she has to send a dentist along with it. next up, dermadoctor. you have that unbelievable wind outside then that dry heat inside. total killer on your skin. this is an amazing brand started by a board certified dermatologist, a variety of products to choose from from wrinkle revenge cleanser, moisturizer, dry skin repair kit, a whole lot of strategic arms reduction treatying at $26. these are all slashed in half so that's really 13 bucks and from them free shipping >> that's great. i tell you, moisturizing. got to take care of that. >> moisturizing. >> amazing. >> next up. >> the other thing you got to take care of is your air and really the king of anti-aging hair care products, julian ferrell, the king of glam. >> he wrestles with my hair on a monthly basis and does a great job. >> he does a great job. anti-aging that goes deep, folly cal, scalp air nouring from
8:44 am
within. a lot of options to choose from. don't have to buy the whole kit. starting at $23, these are slashed in half, $11.50. amazing treatment for your hair. >> can't afford not to have them. i will say this, i have a cow lick. it's one big cow lick up there. he kills it every time. >> his products are amazing. >> julien, oui, oui. >> this is a pretty incredible product. swung is modeling one for us right here. it is a scarf. you see that, it's a scarf hands-free. you can put all your stuff in it. there's a zippered compartment and it will hold sort of whatever you got going on, so i've got -- i shoved in here phone, keys, glasses. go outside at night sort of anything doing errands during the day it goes in here so it's a purse/shawl/scarf like all in one. >> is that get a little bulky. >> it doesn't go right. it goes right here. amazing for travel too.
8:45 am
starting at $40. sholdit. depending on the one you choose slashed in half, 20 bucks. >> and last but certainly not least. >> i know you've -- we brought in backup. thank you, robin. this is a really fun brand. kings of coal. s big trend for embellishment on the sleeve, leather sleeves and skulls on the elbows there, lots of different options to choose from when you go to our website. these are big fans of kardashians, gwyneth paltrow. selena gomez. these are slashed hugely by 76%, $30, big, big assortment when you go to the website. >> what is this, leather? >> leather. >> isn't it beautiful? >> how does it work? >> look at the sleeve. embellishment on the sleeve. >> i just wanted to show the back of my dress. >> there you go. >> hey, thank you to all the companies for providing everything you see here. log on. on yahoo! codes and links are to all this
8:46 am
stuff because it goes, goes, goes. >> it does. but guess what's coming, the glam van and we are revealing not one but two mega-makeovers. do not miss them.
8:47 am
check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? give me [slowly, deeply] your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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if you're getting married why not have a dream wedding on valentine's day on national tv and have him sing your first dance. >> the ultimate wedding singer. >> we want to make your wedding dreams come true but hold on to get a wedding like this you and your love are going to have to earn it so go to gma.c to find out how to enter. ♪ good morning america >> enter now. ♪ it's going down >> we're so excited. abc's sara haines knocking on the door of two identical twin sister, melanie and melissa for a mega-makeover.
8:49 am
we escorted them into the glam van to travel from new jersey to times square and all along the way they were getting made over. now it is time for the big reveal of our makeover mommies. before we introduce them here is our glam squad. first of all, danna from "in style" magazine. supporting robin we have alana and petula and the pit crew for lara, andrea and -- >> first of all, we noticed you put on makeup. you look good. >> even you, gregg, even you. >> all right, so here's the before shot of the ladies. this is what the sisters look like before -- i got to say they're beautiful. >> yes, they are. >> total natural beauties. you had a lot to work with but the thing about the glam squad they can push the envelope a little bit so, ladies, sister, come on out. here they are, everybody. the makeover. coming -- oh, wow.
8:50 am
>> get over here. >> oh, and they're so cute. >> aren't they adorable? >> ah. >> they're best friends. >> all right. so before you turn around, look at each other, oh. >> what do you think? >> oh, my god. >> they're so cute. >> oh. >> come on over. >> oh, my gosh. >> look at you. stand on the little dot. hi. melissa and melanie, so what do you think of each other? >> amazing. >> your hair. >> it's like -- >> she's always had long hair and for her to chop it off this length, i'm shocked. she looks great, though. >> see the before and after. >> you guys. >> oh, my god. >> you are all hard-working moms who have wonderful husbands, you have five kids. we have three and two. >> yep. >> what was it like to have someone take care of you for a change?
8:51 am
>> great. it was great. >> to be pampered. >> we enjoyed every moment. >> i want to hear from the team about the looks so, first, danna, about melissa, what made you go with this very cool motorcycle outfit? >> the key to looking chic as a mom is to just infuse a few street style pieces and sub those in for the workout clothes you might be used to when you're out. >> uniform. >> you can move in these clothes. i found these great paps from loft, ann taylor this a stretch denim so feel like a legging but look more polished. cool motor jacket. you'll wear it a thousand types and can be sort of your color combo you keep reaching for these pieces again and again and a little pony sider from joe fresh. how cute is ha. >> i love the scarf, just the added little pop of color. >> it's from j. crew. >> so cute like being cool without trying. >> what did you do with melanie. >> same idea. they're twins so they're looking at the same ships and love the same pieces but a long motor
8:52 am
jacket looks polished. you can get down in the playground and chase your kids and go meet your friends for lump and a polished boot makes a big difference. instead of going with a sneaker or a heavy looking boot, picking something with a little bit of chic looks very nice. >> oh, yeah. >> so alana, petula, what did you do with her look? >> hair and makeup. >> hair, i just took a few inches off the back and added a few layers because her hair is pretty much heavy but left the length so when she wants to play she can throw it up and get down underground. >> when she's going at night she can let down and have a nice -- >> let it all out. >> a know she doesn't wear foundation, i used bobby brown skin which is really like lotion. >> tinted moisturizer so it's thin and added the powder so it looks like foundation, like cover-up and that's it. >> let's talk about -- >> the mommy chic.
8:53 am
she never wears makeup ever so wanted to keep her in coffee colors so i followed this with coffee olay face chart. >> yeah. >> exactly what to do. it's just popping the eyes but just keeping it really soft and highlighted on the skin because she has great skin. >> gregg, very, very quick. >> one request to keep it in a ponytail to give it a chic angled bob but she's a pom but be sexy at night when she wants to. >> we bow to you both. you look fantastic. >> and we all bow. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. >> wow, i love those boots. aren't they cute? >> you look great. >> "gma's" mega-makeover is brought to you by truvia natural
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
well, melissa and melinda's husbands and children approve. thumbs up all the way around. have a great day, everybody. ♪
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. surf's up for the maverick's competition which is set to begin at half moon bay tomorrow morning at 8:00. 24 of the top world surfers will be hitting the waves. pretty big waves, mike. >> up to 30 feet right now. those breakers could be coming our way, starting at 10:00 this morning through 9:00 tomorrow evening. we also have the high fire danger from north bay mountains up to medford, oregon. accuweather seven-day forecast, cool today and tomorrow. records are back sunday. leyla? box trucks and big rigs northbound 238 past 580. we also have one lane blocked in that southbound direction as
9:00 am
well with heavy backups. kristen? >> leyla, thank you. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "i, frankenstien," aaron eckhart. and a performance from a great big world. also, medical testing as we continue our kickstart the new year series. pluss. plusoper joins kelly at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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